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ORIS X Gamut awarded “Best Color Management Solution”

CGS’ latest colour management software, ORIS X Gamut, has received the European Digital Press (EDP) Award.

The software, which was launched just a few months ago, received an EDP award for “Best Color Management Software” in the Software/Color Management Solutions category.

“We are very pleased that our latest product won the competition and was recognized as a major contributor to the optimization of printing processes at many companies, together with its outstanding integration within customers’ existing workflows,” said Bernd Rückert, CGS Product Marketing Manager.

The award was presented by the EDP Technical Committee. The focus of the judges were innovation, quality, performance and cost effectiveness. No public or outside voting can influence judging.

“It’s about technical criteria, not popularity,” said Klaus-Peter Nicolay, president of the EDP Association. “Only then can the EDP Association guarantee that the best products are chosen and that the performance of the manufacturer in the development of new technologies is recognized.”

One of the EDP Association’s goals is to support industry members in their task to find the right solutions for their applications, acting both as an information source and for recommendations for purchase.

The jury commented: “Seven-colour (or multi-colour) printing is becoming increasingly popular. ORIS X Gamut is the perfect tool to support both digital and offset printing as well as a hybrid environment”.

ORIS X Gamut extends CGS’s product line into fully automatic software making it possible to reproduce special colours on multi-colour conventional and digital presses using an extended, fixed, ink set. This simple and reliable process also produces a richer, saturated, colour image for a more brilliant photo-reproduction for, e.g., photobooks (RGB).

In addition, the converted colour data can be the basis for automatic decision making in the production process, enabling ORIS X Gamut to contribute significantly to workflow optimization and error reduction.

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