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BOBST and Mouvent to premiere hybrid printing machine at Labelexpo 2019

BOBST, along with its digital printing competence center Mouvent, are set to reveal a portfolio of innovations Labelexpo Europe 2019, including a UV/Flexo hybrid printing machine. LabelExpo will be taking place 24 to 27 September 2019 in Brussels. Belgium.

The latest innovations include Ink-on-Demand (IoD), Highly Automated Liquid (HAL) and DigiColor – game-changing solutions that will set a new course for the industry’s future. The IoD inking system replaces conventional inking reservoirs with a single rubber pipe that dispenses 30 grams of ink to the print unit. The system eliminates ink trays and chambered doctor blades and performs fully automated washing of the print unit in less than one minute.

To complement the IoD system, HAL is an off-line ink mixing station for producing Pantone colors from 14 basic inks, and contains only one pump performing a pipette-style action to measure out the very small amounts of colour needed. DigiColor is the first ever inline “closed loop” color system that enables digital color adjustment to the target Delta E values during printing, at any speed, on any substrate, with any operator. It is a major step towards full color digitization.

These innovations have paved the way for a new hybrid Flexo with “MouventTM Digital Technology Inside”, which is the best combination of digital and DigiFlexo printing, and will be unveiled for the first time at Labelexpo.

The hybrid is associated with total flexibility in high added value labels, with extremely short job setup and fast return on investment. It will be the most digitally automated press in the labels market, with the highest print quality and productivity. It opens a new era in the production of self-adhesive labels with totally new standards of productivity and profitability.

“We have recently revealed several truly ground-breaking innovations that will set new standards helping converters and brand owners improve time-to-market, guarantee color consistency and food packaging safety,” said Federico D’Annunzio, BOBST Program Manager Hybrid Printing. “It’s really exciting to bring these latest innovations together in one place, so attendees will be able to see for themselves the difference these innovations make, and the impact they could have on their own businesses.”

Visitors at LabelExpo will also be able to see M5 IoD/DigiColor, LB702-WB digital label printer from Mouvent, M1X inline UV flexo press and the BOBST M6 press.

BOBST Services will be in the limelight as well. The service provides converters and printers with solutions that help them to optimize productivity and quality, while reducing downtime and environmental impact.

“This really is the complete package,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of BOBST. “The new solutions on display at Labelexpo set completely new standards to help converters and brand owners improve time-to-market, guarantee color consistency and food packaging safety. At BOBST, we never stop innovating, and this year’s event will be a very clear reflection of that philosophy. We look forward to seeing everyone in Brussels!”

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