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EFI appoints Rodd Harrison as new APAC VP

EFI appointed Rodd Harrison as the new vice president for sales in APAC.

Based in Singapore, Harrison has taken over responsibilities to lead growth for EFI’s ecosystem of inkjet and software solutions.

“During my first 6 weeks at EFI, I have travelled around Asia Pacific and met with all the EFI people, many of our customers and many of business partners,” said Harrison. “We are very focused on solidifying our channel partnerships and making very clear how we intend to operate in helping our customers and business partners grow their businesses.”

Prior to his appointment at EFI, Harrison was with Kodak where he led growth in the Enterprise Inkjet systems division across Asia Pacific. The Australian first began his career in the graphics industry in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore before his stint at Kodak. After 13 years with Kodak, Harrison co-founded three technology start-ups in mobile marketing and digital content delivery, before rejoining Kodak again.

“My focus at EFI is to lead Asia Pacific region to grow significantly in the next few years and to ensure that we not only become the partner of choice but also the employer of choice within the industry, by developing solid industry partnerships, by developing people and providing them with meaningful careers, and providing the right solutions to our customers, to help transform their business in the digital production space.”

“Asia Pacific, including Japan, Korea, China, South East Asia & Australia & New Zealand are all important markets, and each is unique in some way, so a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. I am a big believer in being both localized in our business approach and responsive to local market needs and conditions at all times,” said Harrison.

“We need to delight our customers, not just with good products, but with great support. That is because people who buy from us only become customers when they buy a second time, and when they buy three times, they become family. Thankfully, because we have done that quite well over the past few decades, we now have a very big “family” indeed across Asia in many markets, many cultures and lots of industry verticals. But we can always do better, we can do a lot more. That’s is the goal.”

According to Harrison, there are three main reasons that attracted him to join EFI: “1. the rich product line and solutions in display graphics, enterprise software and industrial printing that frankly, in my opinion, are second to none in the industry; 2. the quality of the people I have interacted with at EFI who continue to amaze me with their dedication and professionalism; 3. an incredibly innovative and positive, open, “can-do” corporate culture.”

“From where I sit, and have been observing EFI for some time, it’s hard to find another company that has a diverse portfolio as EFI, inventive intent of EFI and the life culture of EFI, and that makes it one of the most exciting places to work and thrive,” Harrison concluded.

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