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Fuji Xerox Iridesse a highlight at Print China 2019

At Print China 2019, Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse Press, with a six-colour print engine was a highlight at the digital pavilion. With the theme “Go Beyond Imagination”, visitors were able to experience the Iridesse Press in action as the press printed on various media with specialty and metallic colours.

The Iridesse Press, equipped with Fuji Xerox’s patented High Definition EA dry ink, can realize two colours in gold, silver, white or transparent colours being matched with CMYK. The result is a rich variety of special colour effects like white ink priming, metallic colours and partial UV.

Meanwhile, its low temperature-fixing technology can support a wider range of special media processing including aluminum foil, stickers and coloured paper.

Iridesse Press breaks through the technical barriers to digital printing in the past to print metallic colour effect with layers and enabling high expressive power and visual impact. The printed product shines with high precision metallic colours, with very thin line effect - an effect that is difficult even with the conventional way.

In addition, Fuji Xerox showcased award-winning works in the G3 Digital Printing Design Contest. The submitted works were created using Iridesse Press’ single-pass six-colour technology. The nationwide design contest exhibited the creativity and commercial value of the printed products.

Organised by Fuji Xerox (China) Limited, the contest aimed to provide printing enterprises with more value, by actively connecting design, service providers and other parties within the industry chain.

Fuji Xerox launches custom red ink solution

At the tradeshow, Fuji Xerox unveiled for the first time, latest print-on-demand solutions that can automatically mark, make-up and directly print red-head and red-chop.

The red ink solution is customized for government institutions and courts. It received good feedback, having been demonstrated on a Versant 1800 Press with 80 ppm, saddle binding device and digital workflow, the red solution easily enabled the process automation of file format conversion, marking, making-up, directly printing red-head and red-chop and binding into a volume.

During the exhibition, Fuji Xerox’s B9 press series presented rich on-demand printing applications that can handle large amounts of monochrome documents like statements, manuals, books etc., which fully demonstrated B9 series’ high productivity, reliability, flexibility and outstanding output quality.


First published in Print Innovation Asia Issue 06/2019.

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