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Towa Printing becomes 500th SONORA Plates Customer in Japan

Based in Osaka, TOWA PRINTING based in Osaka has recently become the 500th customer in Japan to convert to KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates.

KODAK Japan held a commemorative ceremony, factory tour and media event on June 27 at TOWA PRINTING’s headquarters to celebrate the occasion. The event included the presentation of a commemorative plaque to Sadao Takamoto, president of TOWA PRINTING, from the Managing Director of KODAK Japan/Korea, Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Takamoto shared his thoughts on the cooperative relationship his company has enjoyed with KODAK for over 20 years, including their first purchase of a Kodak CTP. The company currently utilizes a MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, alongside KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Solutions and Kodak printing plates.

According to Takamoto, TOWA PRINTING made the decision to introduce SONORA to achieve cost savings and improve efficiency by eliminating developer control and maintenance of the processer.

He attributed other productivity improvements to Kodak technology when he stated: “20 years ago there were more than 20 people supporting the printing plate process at TOWA. Today there are currently ZERO people directly in charge of our CTP, which is a major contribution to our company’s profitability.”

Takamoto said he expects the implementation of SONORA to have a very positive impact on TOWA’s bottom line, as well as helping to reduce the manufacturer’s environmental footprint through significant water savings and elimination of waste.

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