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Nestle Japan replaces plastic KitKat packaging with paper

In an effort to solve plastic waste issue, Nestle Japan will be changing its KitKat packaging from plastic to paper. The initiative is expected to complete by September 2019.

Japan holds the largest market for KitKats. The popular confectionary is also one of the most popular souvenirs in Japan.

The new packaging has a matte, more sophisticated look compared to its shiny predecessor.

As part of marketing introducing the change, the new packaging will come with origami instructions to fold it into traditional paper cranes. Users are encouraged to write out good thoughts and feelings onto the paper cranes and pass it along to their family and friends.

With the switch, Nestle Japan expects to save 380 tonnes of plastic every year.

The company has committed to phase out plastics that are not recyclable or hard to recycle for its products globally by 2025. Nestlé has already introduced paper packaging for Nesquik and the Yes! snack bar. Other products that will have plastic-free packaging soon include Smarties and Milo.

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