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Canon unveils new Océ Colorado 1650

The game changing Océ Colorado 1650 is capable of producing matte or gloss prints without changing inks or media.

Canon announced the Southeast Asian launch of the Océ Colorado 1650 printer. The printer made its debut at Pack Print International 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, expanding the range of roll-to-roll large format devices that feature Canon UVgel technology. The Océ Colorado 1650 features two innovations in the form of a new flexible ink, and Océ FLXfinish technology.

“We are very excited to introduce the Océ Colorado 1650 in Southeast Asia at Pack Print 2019. The Océ Colorado 1650 was first introduced to Europe and North America at FESPA and this is the opportunity for us to launch in this part of the world,” said Steve Ford, Managing Director, Production Printing Asia, Canon.

The Océ Colorado 1650 is aimed at print service providers (PSPs) that are producing high volumes of large format applications, such as self-adhesive vinyls, wall coverings, canvasses, soft signage and vehicle graphics that require a high degree of flexibility for mounting and framing.

“Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in display graphics in point-of-sales (POS), interior décor such as wallpaper and wraparound lamp shades, soft signage, and so on. This is where we see the growth engine fuel the entire region in display graphics market,” said Ford.

Ford added that there has been high interest from customers in the region prior to the launch – namely Thailand: “The reason why we launched in Thailand is because we see this country as one of the biggest market opportunities for us in the region. We also see market opportunities in Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore. We foresee Thailand and Indonesia as the top two areas for the first handfuls of sales.”

Soon after the launch, Canon has reportedly sold three units of the Océ Colorado 1650 printer to Indonesian, Taiwan and Thai PSPs.

Océ FLXfinish – Game Changing Matte and Gloss Flexibility

The Océ Colorado 1650 incorporates Canon’s Océ FLXfinish technology, a new approach to LED curing which allows the user to choose between matte or gloss modes for each individual print.

“The key differentiator for the Océ Colorado 1650 is the FLXfinish technology which allows us to print matte or gloss as the output – without changing inks or paper. This is truly game changing,” said Ford. “Today, if customers want a matte or gloss output, they will have to use different medias or inks. With the Océ Colorado 1650, they can do it all within the one device. It’s a different approach to UV curing that the market has not seen before. The technology is resonating with the market at the moment.”

This feature allows PSPs to easily achieve different aesthetic finishes at the push of a button. For graphics producers, this is particularly enticing as they now have opportunities in premium POS and décor with just one printer and without switching media or inks. A gloss finish gives visual impact to applications such as banners and posters, while a matte appearance is particularly appealing for high quality indoor applications viewed in artificial light, such as wall coverings or premium instore POS materials.

Océ FLXfinish technology also enables printing on porous media, such as uncoated papers, wallpaper as well as soft signage materials such as textiles and silicon-edged graphics. Each ink droplet is ‘fixed’ immediately on jetting, which prevents absorption by the substrate.

Ink Flexibility

In addition, the Océ Colorado 1650 works with a new version of Canon UVgel ink. The ink is designed for maximum flexibility by increasing the ‘stretchability’ of each cured ink droplet. This results in output optimal for applications that require cutting, bending, creasing and folding without risk of cracking, such as in soft signage.

At the Canon booth at Pack Print – which held the theme “FUEL EMOTION WITH PRINT” – this feature was demonstrated with a Volkswagen pop-up display. A smooth wraparound was printed across its car door, and no cracks were visible due to the flexibility of the ink.

The new 64” production printer builds on the productivity, output quality, automation and media versatility of its predecessor, the Océ Colorado 1640. There are over 800 1640 printers worldwide since its release.

The Colorado Series features double-sided printing and support for both print-side-out and –in media, further boosting productivity and versatility.

“By delivering consistently great quality, our large format graphics roll-to-roll and workflow solutions are helping print service providers to achieve operational excellence and extend their capabilities to new exciting applications. This allows them to focus their resources and energies on creating value for customers that will translate to sustainable business growth,” said Ford.

First published in Issue 9 of Print Innovation Asia.

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