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HP spotlights Thai customer creations

The Digital Print Pavilion showcased an array of digital print products by HP Indigo users.

At Pack Print International 2019, HP had the largest booth of 250 sqm. The company made full use of its space and showcased new digital printing solutions that open growth opportunities for local customers and accelerate the transformation of the Thailand printing industry.

“The main highlight here is to show the variety of applications that HP Indigo is capable of doing. Today, we can print almost everything with our technology, from commercial printing, book and publishing and packaging printing, like shrink sleeves, labels, flexible and label printing. These are the key applications we can offer to the market now,” said Suparat Chotikultanachai, country manager for HP Indigo Thailand.

To do this, the company’s booth debuted the HP Indigo Digital Print Pavilion – a showcase of 10 partners who have leveraged on the capabilities of HP machines to unlock opportunities of high digital productivity. Some of the partners include CyberPrint Group, Salee Printing and Thainam.

“We invited our customers to showcase their applications using our Indigo technology. Our aim here is to put forth the message that with digital print, anything is possible,” said Suparat.

According to Suparat, the products shown were all commercially-printed applications. Amongst those displayed, some of the applications displayed include flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, labels, folding cartons and book printers. Suparat emphasised that HP Indigo is currently the only technology that is able to deliver flexible packaging.

Thailand’s printing and packaging industries registered over 300 billion Baht in 2018 of which 40% came from the printing industry and 60% from packaging. Three supporting growth industries are driving its growth - Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, and e-Commerce.

“When we talk about Thailand, it’s not just Thailand. In terms of location, Thailand is in the middle of IndoChina. Surrounding us we have Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, which are considered emerging countries. When they grow, we also grow. That’s because most of the technology in this region is in Thailand,” said Pavin Vorapruck, managing director for HP Inc. Thailand.

At Pack Print, HP presented end-to-end web-to-print solutions from its portfolio, moving away from solely focusing on print technology. This includes the entire print ecosystem from pre-press, HP Indigo technology to finishing solutions partners.

The HP Indigo 7000 series was introduced to the Thai market for the first at the booth. The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press is a sheet-fed digital offset colour press that incorporates the patented HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology.

“A key highlight of our booth is the new 7000 series, which we are showing for the first time in Thailand. The machine is able print at double the speed, from 2,000 sheets per hour, to 4,000 sheets per hour. It can support a maximum of seven colours – CMYK plus spot colours,” said Suparat.

Another first for Thailand are a showcase of high value-added digital print samples with newly released HP ElectroInk vivid inks, Vivid Green and Vivid Pink. The vivid inks were first specially developed for the Indian photobook market’s need for brighter colours. The launch coincides with the local market’s needs for a wider gamut.

HP also unveiled the Stitch S series, a super wide dye sub production printer designed to unleash new production possibilities for interior décor and soft signage.


First published in Print Innovation Asia Issue 9.

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