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Japan’s Tosho Printing sets new record with Rapida 106

The company’s Rapida 106 press set a new record for the number of job changes in one shift

Tosho Printing in Kawagoe near Tokyo has been theproud owner of two Rapida 106 presses for four years now. One of those presses, a five-colour configuration with LED-UV drying, recently set a new record for the number of job changes in a single shift.

Over the course of 11.5 hours, 130 jobs were printed with an average run length of 270 sheets. That is equivalent to over 11 jobs per hour. This outstanding achievement earned a special commendation for the company’s press operators from Koenig & Bauer.

The Rapida 106 is currently the most important sheetfed offset press in the Tosho print centre. The company management likes to refer to it as their ‘moneymaker’: “With its production output and the speed of job changeovers, the press achieves an excellent level of economic efficiency.”

And that naturally leaves everyone at Tosho very happy.

Tosho Printing is one of the oldest and most respected printing companies in Japan. It produces high-quality books as well as other commercial products.

Indeed, one of the country’s well-known authors has commented: “Japan is fortunate to have the printers at Tosho because they produce books with passion.”

Alongside the five-colour Rapida 106, the company operates another press of the same type in a four-colour version. Both are equipped with DriveTronic SPC for simultaneous plate changing, camera systems for production monitoring, QualiTronic ColorControl inline colour measurement, integration with the LogoTronic Professional management system, and many more cutting-edge automation features.

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