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HP to commit $11 million to forest conservation

HP partners with World Wildlife Fund in a five-year plan to restore, protect and conserve 200,000 acres of forest.

HP announced its announced its next steps in creating a forest positive future for printing with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The announcement was made at the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

Over the 5-year agreement, HP will contribute $11M for WWF to restore part of Brazil's threatened Atlantic Forest and increase sustainable management of state-owned farms and forest plantations in China – ultimately protecting a combined area of 200,000 acres.

As part of the 5-year agreement, HP will also support WWF’s efforts in developing science-based targets for forests, estimating carbon and nature co-benefits of forest restoration and improved forest management. The new initiative, led by WWF, begins this November. The two major forest restoration and management projects mark the first within HP’s Sustainable Forests Cooperative.

By collaborating with WWF, HP is investing in the conservation of the world’s forests and taking meaningful action towards its vision for sustainable printing – HP’s Sustainable Forests Cooperative.

“HP has long envisioned a future bettered by technology and the power it has to create a more sustainable future,” said Tuan Tran, president, global imaging and printing solutions. “That’s why we’ve teamed up with World Wildlife Fund, FSC and others to create a forest positive future for printing by restoring and protecting the world’s forests for our industry, our customers and our communities.”

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