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Coca Cola to sell aluminium canned water

The Coca Cola Company will be putting its water brand, Dasani, into aluminium cans in a bid to use less plastic.

Coca Cola will also be introducing aluminium bottles for its water brand, Dasani. In addition, the company will be debuting HybridBottle, a packaging made with a mix of up to 50% plant-based renewable and recycled PET material.

Coca Cola’s announcement follows similar moves by its competition, PepsiCo, which revealed that it will be selling its Aquafina water brand in aluminium cans.

The announcements are in response to sustainability issues and reducing plastic waste. Aluminium is considered more sustainable because it is usually made from completely recycled material. The cans can also be recycled again – apparently repeatedly.

The initiative is expected to take full effect by 2020 throughout the United States. It remains unclear if this will roll over into other parts of the world.

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