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The new CI flexo press provides high-quality, efficient, consistent and cost-effective print production.

BOBST announced the launch of the BOBST VISION CI flexo press designed to deliver the most efficient performance for all production lengths on a wide range of substrates.

“With the VISION CI, BOBST has truly delivered on its vision for the future of CI flexo press printing,” said Mark McInulty, Managing Director CI Flexo Printing. “It combines the very latest technology with the highest manufacturing standards at the best price/performance ratio, putting premium print quality, reliability and highest standards of efficiency at the fingertips of converters everywhere.”

The VISION CI is available as an initially 8-colour press and provides consistent and repeatable printing quality with solvent-based and water-based ink printing, on a wide range of substrates types and thicknesses. It has a compact and ergonomic, modular design, making installation and set-up easy.

“From the moment the machine arrives, it can be installed and ready to print at the site in a matter of four weeks and this is a major benefit for converters,” said McInulty.

"Its compact dimensions will save valuable space, and its smart ergonomic design will ensure the operator a convenient, intuitive and fast operation. The VISION CI flexo press brings outstanding accuracy and repeatability of performance in terms of output quality and waste-saving operation to a wider number of flexible packaging printing operations.”

The VISION CI also brings substantial sustainability benefits. It contains ‘smartHEAT’ technology, which enables the machine to use its own heat as an internal and useful energy source, while its ‘smartCLEAN’ technology saves on ink and solvents. Furthermore ‘smartKEY’ and ‘smartSET’ will maximize machine productivity through minimizing job set-up time and material waste.

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