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EFI Nozomi C18000 achieves Fogra Certification

It is the first Single-Pass Digital Corrugated Printer to be certified.

Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies has certified the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer as Fogra compliant. The digital printer passed the Fogra Process Standard Digital Print Check, and is the first such printer to do so.

The EFI Nozomi C18000 is a single-pass direct-to-board digital corrugated printer.

Developed by Fogra, the Process Standard Digital (PSD) represents an industrially orientated and standardized procedure for the creation of digital print products.

With a PSD certificate, packaging converters and corrugated display manufacturers using the Nozomi C18000 printer have additional, proven verification of the quality and reliability of their digital production offering.

Successful implementation of the PSD can also help Nozomi C18000 users with reduced manufacturing cost and waste, higher quality and time performance, and better overall sustainability in corrugated production.

“EFI has been an active member of Fogra for many years and contributed to the development of the Fogra Process Standard Digital,” said Dr. Andreas Kraushaar, head of the Fogra prepress department. “That is why I am not surprised to see the Nozomi C18000 passing the Print Check Criteria for both Fogra and GRACoL standards so seamlessly.”

Kraushaar and his research team tested the LED-inkjet corrugated printer at EFI Industrial Printing facilities in Almassora, Spain, verifying the Nozomi C18000 printer’s output process control, color fidelity and workflow. The Fogra team tested against the FOGRA39 standard, as well as the GRACoL/SWOP standard from U.S. industry association Idealliance, and determined that the printer successfully passed all the tests and requirements.

The PSD Print Check is part of the ISO/TS 15311-2 based Fogra PSD. This specification allows companies in the print and media industry to prove their ability to create print jobs conforming to PSD. At EFI’s facility, Fogra reviewed a typical print job for color consistency, uniformity, detail sharpness and print run stability, in compliance with the requirements defined by PSD.

“The certification of the Nozomi C18000 printer’s output quality by Fogra proves once again EFI’s approach to delivering superior quality – which gives customers confidence for day-to-day operation,” said José Luis Ramón Moreno, vice president and general manager, EFI Industrial Printing. “This certificate ensures that Nozomi C18000 printer output meets customer expectations in the corrugated packaging and display industry regarding gamut, fidelity, precision and repeatability.”

Fogra is one of the leading print research institutes worldwide, serving the print and media industry since 1951. Fogra uniquely features the combination of applied research and qualifying software, hardware and “brainware.” The organization also is an active member of the ISO technical committee 130.

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