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AP India moves into new markets with Esko Kongsberg X24

New Delhi commercial printer AP India has enjoyed a successful move into the sign and display converting sector following a huge plant relocation and acquiring the technologically advanced Kongsberg X24 digital cutting table from Esko.

With more than 35 years’ experience as a commercial printer in the corporate sector, AP India first began with the production of books and literature to the Indian Government before moving to its new 50,000 square foot plant in Okhla, South Delhi. Moving into the sign and display sector, the company has underlined its commitment to growth by installing a new Fujifilm Acuity EY flatbed UV printer and an Esko Kongsberg X24 sign starter digital cutting table, upgraded to a full production speed of 50m/min.

The Acuity EY features a CMYK+W color channel configuration at resolutions of 1200 dpi+ on rigid, flexible and roll media, and the Kongsberg X24 sign starter table performs the cutting and finishing for all of these materials and more.

The digital printing, cutting and creasing of point of sales materials, used for the communication and promotion of product information to consumers in storefronts, supermarkets, and other public spaces, can now be provided on soft and rigid substrates.

AP India uses the Kongsberg X24 to finish all the sign and display applications it produces, whether MDF, acrylic, honeycomb, corrugated board, Sunpack sheets, Sunboards, ABS sheets, or polyester. The Kongsberg table is capable of cutting up to 20mm honeycomb sheets as well as prototyping and last-minute sampling of packaging designs for consumer products.

POP finishing tasks take only minutes now

“A task that once took days to complete can now be done within minutes, thanks to the Kongsberg table from Esko,” said Akhil Chopra, Head of Operations at AP India. “It’s been more than six months now that the flatbed UV printer and the Esko Kongsberg X24 were installed in our new plant and in these competitive times, printers need to be ready to withstand the ups and downs in the market.”

Chopra says that although the sign and display segment holds promise, it is competitive and only the fittest will survive.

“Our infrastructure now is such that we have the unique ability to supply to most of the demands of this industry. We have thoughtfully chosen not to restrict ourselves to any one specialism and rather be a vendor that can handle any volume, large or small, to any clientele,” he said. “The flexibility, efficiency and ease of use of the Kongsberg table, along with other existing infrastructure, helps to make our diversification robust.”

Karan Talwar, Director of Sales, at Esko said: “AP India is a forward-looking company, always innovating with new solutions for their customers. We were delighted they selected Esko as their preferred partner to help them expand their portfolio into sign and display.

“The Esko solution of integrated software and hardware combined with our high level of domain expertise helped AP India make an immediate impact in this sector. We are very pleased to see AP India making great use of our highly capable Kongsberg X24 digital finishing table along with Esko ArtiosCAD software to design and finish practically any sign, display, FSDU material at a high pace,” he said. “We look forward to a highly successful business journey with them.”

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