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CGS is tech-ready for the future

Effective 1st September, Bernd Rückert was appointed as new managing director, technology and chief executive officer of CGS Publishing Technologies GmbH.

We chat with CGS’ new head honcho on his appointment and future plans for the company.

PIA: You've been with CGS for 21 years. Tell us more about your past roles and how that plays into your current position?

When I started 21 years ago as an application specialist, I already had ten years’ experience in the graphic industry. Knowing typical production processes as well as customer needs was a large advantage. During the first few years, I had the great opportunity to travel all over the world to learn about the different market segments of the industry. Eight years later, I assumed the position of the first product manager at CGS and was able to build up a team. Afterwards I worked as product marketing manager with the main focus on attracting more attention to our key products. As graphics and design have always been my hobbies, this position was a pleasure for me and I oversaw many different marketing projects.

To sum it all up: the past 21 years have been a very exciting time, which covered a diverse range of activities, and I am very glad about the experiences I gained up to now at CGS.

There’s ‘Technology’ in your official title, what’s the meaning and significance of this?

Of course, technology and technical developments have always been key sectors of CGS and are the core of our business (as you can also see in our official company name: CGS Publishing Technologies International).

Fundamentally, I am a technician, and it´s one of my main goals to work diligently on the technical aspects of our product portfolio, the competitiveness of the ORIS software solutions, and to open up new markets. Some of these plans are already in motion with ORIS X Gamut, our latest product for expanded gamut printing in conventional and digital printing. With the introduction of expanded gamut printing, digital printing is going to be even more colourful in the future. For us, as a dynamic software solutions provider, there are a lot of chances to find niches and to conduct exciting new projects – if we are flexible in our execution.

With products like ORIS CxF Toolbox, we can break new ground, which strengthens our relationships to partners like brand owners or ink manufacturers. Both have very different perspectives and needs, but the communication between them is indispensable. With our product, we can bridge the gap between these two parties. The ORIS CxF Cloud is the perfect platform for this connection.

What will be your first tasks as new CEO?

To move into my new office… no, I am just joking!

As you know, Drupa is coming up next year and, of course, we are very busy to transpose and implement all our ideas to present them to the industry. This includes, for example, the intensive optimization of our complete product portfolio; there is always room for improvement! Equally important is to develop new functions and features, especially for packaging and digital printing, but it goes even beyond that.

We already started and there were extensive updates of our key products during the last days.

What do you see as your greatest challenge moving forward?

I think one of our greatest challenge is to stay flexible in our thinking, and push innovative ideas, because, as we all know, certain parts of the printing industry are growing at a slower pace as we expect. We are very keen to develop our portfolio and to find new markets which profit from our solutions. This is evident, for example, in the industrial printing sector: Our very well-known product ORIS Press Matcher wasn´t initially created to help printing for the flooring sector, or wall decoration industry, but today it has proved itself for these application fields. And there are a lot more.

What are your thoughts on CGS’ current reach in Asia? What plans do you have to grow in this market?

Asia is a very important market for us – especially regarding packaging proofs and mock up production.

During the past few years, our team has very successfully integrated ORIS Flex Pack, which is a very cost-effective and turnkey solution for flexible packaging label- or metal-printing companies.

But there is another product, which is very appropriate for these markets as many installations already show: ORIS X Gamut. It is the solution for expanded gamut printing in conventional and digital likewise. In China, Malaysia and Korea we experienced a very large interest to break new ground and to profit from innovations.

On a less serious note: what’s your favorite product from CGS?

My favorite product… this is a hard choice… although at this moment, if I must choose one, I’d say it is ORIS X Gamut. It´s our latest application and it has so much potential. Actually, we are really glad, because the printing industry is even getting more colourful! And this hits the conventional and digital sector likewise. This area will grow during the next few years – especially when it comes to label and packaging printers.

The basic idea of expanded or multicolour printing might be old, but the technology is now ready! ORIS X Gamut enable printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that spot colours and images are brilliantly reproduced in all their detail – all without the need of special colour inks.

First published in Issue #11 of Print Innovation Asia.


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