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Flint increases ink prices in India

With immediate effect, Flint Group Packaging announces a price increase on all inks and coatings in India.

According to Flint, the increase in oil prices is due to recent events in Middle East which is having a cascading effect on the price of solvent raw materials used in the manufacture of inks and coatings.

Effective immediately, a price increase will apply to all orders as long as oil prices remain well above reasonable and standard levels. When and if prices begin to drop, Flint Group will reconsider the price increase and adjust as needed.

Upal Roy, Managing Director, Flint Group India, explained: “We understand that price increases have become an almost ‘routine’ matter. However, we hope that our customers will understand and appreciate that we have no choice but to pass along the increase and that Flint Group cannot continue to absorb the entirety of these rising costs.

“Despite today’s announcement, we are resolutely committed to efficiency projects that will continue to remove cost and complexity in our own operations. We also remain dedicated to helping our customers to improve their own efficiencies and to support process optimisation within their press rooms.

“Ultimately, product quality and consistency remains a key focus; our customers can always rely on us for best in class products and services at the most economic price possible.”

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