• Sha Jumari

China exhibitions postponed due to coronavirus

Major exhibitions in China has been postponed in efforts to control and curb spread of coronavirus.

image: Printing South China

To control the novel coronavirus epidemic in China, local governments have issued instructions to stop large-scale activities, including exhibitions. In compliance with the notices, major exhibitions due to occur soon have announced their indefinite postponement.

Thus far, Printing South China, Sino-Label, ChinaPlas, APPPexpo, Sign China Shenzhen have all been postponed. New dates are expected to be announced in due course.

The novel coronavirus is the largest outbreak in nearly 20 years since the SARS epidemic. To date, nearly 500 people have died and more than 24,000 are infected worldwide. In an effort to contain the coronavirus, local Chinese governments are setting out campaigns to curb further infection.

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