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Konica Minolta suspends China operations

Konica Minolta announced that it is suspending operations in development, production and sales in China until 9 February 2020. This is in response to the coronavirus outbreak, of which Wuhan, China is the epicentre.

Although Konica Minolta has no development or production facilities in Wuhan, it has a sales and services branch for business technologies and measuring instruments there.

The Konica Minolta Group operates in China in development and manufacturing for the global markets, while selling business technologies products and services and healthcare equipment, among others, within the Chinese market.

Konica Minolta’s primary production facilities in China reside in Wuxi, Dongguan, and Dalian, all of which are away from Wuhan, with other manufacturing sites in Shanghai’s Songjiang District and Xiamen. Sales and services branches spread across the country.

In addition, the company has banned all employee travel to China and Hong Kong, unless urgent and imperative.

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