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ORIS X Gamut showcases excellent ICC-multicolour profiles and spot colour overprinting

At the Fogra Multicolor Forum 2019, CGS' ORIS X Gamut software showcased excellent ICC-Multicolor profiles and spot colour overprinting.

The Research Institute for Media Technology e.V (Fogra) has placed very precise colour management software for multi-channel printing under the microscope.

To this end, they presented the participants at the Multicolor Forum 2019 with various tasks to analyse in detail the procedure, precision and practicality of the solutions. The goal is to provide potential customers with a manufacturer-independent view of the highly topical topic from the prepress perspective.

Several leading software manufacturers took up the challenge and submitted their results. Amongst the seven "Use Cases", were overprinting spot colours using CxF data, proofing multicolour data and profile generation.

One of the software tested was CGS' ORIS x Gamut.

According to Lukas Lindwehr, product manager at CGS ORIS: “We are very satisfied with the results and what makes us particularly happy is that we were able to show clearly how we can use our software to create ICC multi-channel profiles in a standard format that can be implemented directly in existing workflows. This also applies of course to the internal workflow in ORIS X Gamut to convert PDF data into the extended colour space.”

On 12 and 13 February, Fogra will be hosting the "Color Management Symposium" for the seventh time. The results will be presented there and current core topics such as "printing in the extended colour space", packaging and industrial printing are dealt with in depth.

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