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Idealliance launches free guide to print production

Idealliance Launches the 2020 Perennial Guide to Print Production v20.0 Globally

The Guide to Print Production is the body of work of Idealliance, including new specifications, standards, leading practices, how-to-guides, certifications and critical advancing information that moves businesses forward in efficiency and profitability.

The updated Guide is 112 pages of critical information that stakeholders in printing, packaging and design need to know in order to provide high quality print and colour accuracy plus improved workflows.

Idealliance is known for creating print standards and specifications such as GRACoL, SWOP, and G7. In addition, Idealliance provides many technical documents, datasets and explanative information for printers, print buyers, and brands.

The Idealliance Guide to Print Production covers many topics including:

  • The Essentials: What it all means

  • G7: What is G7?

  • GRACOL AND SWOP: Characterized Reference Printing Conditions

  • Creative Workflow: Leading Practices for Creatives

  • Prepress Workflow: Leading Practices for Production

  • Proofing: Leading Practices in Hard & Soft Proofing

  • Print Manufacturing: Process Control in Print Production

  • Standards Charts: Standardized Printing Guidelines

  • Cross Media: Six Stages of an Integrated Workflow

  • Idealliance: Certifications

  • Idealliance: Locations Around the World

  • ECG: Idealliance ECG Program Overview

  • CRF: Putting Numbers to the Visual Match

  • New Initiatives in Print: The Work of Idealliance

  • IT8.7/5 (TC1617x): A Better Target For Profiling & Characterization

  • XCMYK: Making the Most of CMYK

  • Spot Color Tone Value: Specifying Spot Color Across the Supply Chain

  • TR016: Quality Management for Today

  • Spectral Measurement Conditions Defined: The “M” Factor ISO STANDARD 20654

  • G7®: Master Pass/Fail Requirements

  • BrandQ: Brand Color & Supply Chain Management

  • Lighting Proof to Press Matching: Dealing with Metamerism Failures

  • Universal Digital Print Space

  • Idealliance: Print Properties & Colorimetric Council

“We are very pleased to provide this Guide as a free download and wish to thank all our members and particularly our sponsors who helped make this guide available at no cost,” said Steve Ballinger, Senior Vice President of Idealliance.

The following are sponsors of the Guide to Print Production:

CHROMiX, Inc. Konica Minolta Techkon Canon GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. X-rite Pantone® System Brunner Sappi Flint Group

Download the Guide

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