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Toppan to launch greener packaging system for fresh food

Toppan Printing will launch sales of a new food packaging system called Green Flat, which addresses the need to reduce plastic packaging and can be used as an alternative to conventional skin packs. Skin packs are widely used in Europe, North America, and Asia because the complete sealing helps to maintain the freshness of food and extend shelf lives due to the reduction of drip from food during storage.

Green Flat replaces the polystyrene or plastic tray often used in skin packs with a paper-based material incorporating Toppan’s proprietary GL FILM. This provides freshness retention and lowers environmental impact by reducing the use of plastic without sacrificing functionality. The tray can be made using paper from certified forests and, because it is flat, can also be used as a chopping board for preparing food.

In combination with the barrier film applied over the product, lamination of the tray with GL FILM, Toppan’s original transparent barrier film, means that food is protected from oxygen, moisture, and other external impacts, further enhancing content preservation. Green Flat is also available in a non-barrier type ideal for such items as cosmetics and toiletries.

The Green Flat system offered by Toppan will consist of the Green Flat tray, a skin pack filling system, skin pack film, and a consulting service for system implementation. Samples are being made available from February 2020, and full-scale sales are scheduled to begin in December. Comprehensive consulting services will be offered to enable customers to create appealing designs, implement effective promotions, and make the most of shop space. “Today there is strong demand for packaging that maintains freshness but also reduces environmental impact by addressing such issues as marine plastic pollution and food waste,” said Shingo Wada, general manager of business strategy in Toppan’s western Japan division.

“Toppan strives to meet this demand by leveraging extensive experience in paper-based packaging and developing a range of products incorporating its advanced GL BARRIER technology. As a new addition to our lineup, Green Flat provides outstanding freshness preservation, better environmental performance, and exciting possibilities for package designs and displays that create an impact in stores.”

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