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Xeikon launches new dry toner platform

Xeikon has announced its new generation of dry toner technology, Sirius. Targeted at the graphics arts industry, the technology will be used in the new Xeikon SX30000 digital press, which is expected to launch in June 2020.

“It will be available end of June and of course we will complete first installs within this year. We will launch globally, focusing on Europe, North America and Japan. These are very exciting times and I'm very happy to be able to announce this machine and technology today,” said Dimitri Van Gaever of Xeikon.

The Xeikon SX30000 press is a robust single pass duplex machine, powered by the new SIRIUS technology. It is able to run at a printing width of 508 mm on a broad range of substrates at 30 meters/minute, 404ppm A4, boasting an average speed increase of more than 50% throughout the range of 40-350 gsm versus the previous platform.

According to Xeikon, it has been allocating resources since 2017 to develop the new platform. Almost all components in Xeikon’s current technology were re-engineered. Xeikon worked along the four major axes: toner development, imaging technology, fusing technology and media conditioning. More than 400 design changes and developments have been made compared to the previous generation.

“All these core components have been redesigned and enhanced to deliver superior quality, market leading performance, unequalled sustainability, widest application range and best-in-class TCO,” said Van Gaever.

Van Gaever added that “one of the things that really sets the SIRIUS technology apart is its ability to print on heavy substrates at high speeds.”

Components that remained unchanged are the water cooled LDAs, with 1200x3600 dpi technology and the single pass duplex, full rotary concept and the 5/5 print station setup.

The Sirius platform introduced new EkoFuse technology. This is a new fuser and patented crossflow cooling system that allows the press to achieve superior print quality levels at market leading speeds.

It also features newly developed SIRIUS tone: “We have changed the production parameters of the toner and have improved the charging kinetics properties by adapting the outer shell of the toner to cope with the higher engine speed. Our new developer unit ensures superior image quality for high coverage applications,” said Van Gaever.


Stay tuned for the full feature in the next issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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