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Xeikon releases COVID-19 response

As COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact supply chains all over the world, Xeikon has released a statement assuring that it is working hard to ensure a consistent flow of consumables, parts and services to customers.

“Many of our customers, particularly converters, are producing essential print such as documentation, labels and packaging for critical items like pharmaceutical products, food for supermarkets, labels for disinfectant bottles, to name but a few, and rely on our solutions to ensure that essential supplies are made available to sick, vulnerable and isolated people,” said Benoit Chatelard, Xeikon’s President & CEO.

Xeikon is committed to doing its best to help customers keep up with production demands, and that the company has sufficient stock and a stable supply in consumables and spares to support our customers globally.

“However, as many flights worldwide have been cancelled and as countries enact more restrictions on traffic, we could expect some shipments to take longer than before to be delivered. That being said, we will keep our customers informed of the status of all shipments and requests for service so they know exactly what to expect,” said Chatelard.

Chatelard added that the company’s first priority is to safeguard the health of its employees per World Health Organization and government guidelines, closely followed by implementation of measures to guarantee the continuity of its supply chain and safeguard business continuity for customers.

“While some cases may require on-site visits from a technician, there is a lot we can do with remote diagnostics and technical support. All our machines are connected and, to a large extent, self-diagnostic. For interactive discussions with customers and prospects, we are investing in tools that allow us to produce virtual demonstrations and testing for customers. We are also closely monitoring the economic impact of the Corona emergency, both to the overall printing industry and for Xeikon’s business,” said Chatelard.

drupa update

Xeikon will be launching its drupa 2020 releases as scheduled. The SX30000 digital press based on new Sirius technology will be launched in June 2020, while the new CX300 based on Cheetah 2.0 technology will launch in April 2020.

As drupa 20202 has been postponed to April 2021, Xeikon is revisiting its go-to-market strategy. Xeikon is preparing to be fully ready to deal with both the current crisis and drupa 2021 by continuing to bring to market the innovation that the industry has come to expect from the company.

“We will be bringing some new products to market prior to drupa in order to make the latest technology available to our customers. And by drupa 2021, we expect to have even more innovation available to announce and exhibit so customers can be well-prepared for the recovery that is sure to come,” said Chatelard.

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