• Sha Jumari

LVMH drops luxe packaging for simplicity

LVMH ditched luxury packaging and opted for a no-frills, basic look for hand sanitisers going to hospitals.

(image credit: LVMH)

When the French government issued a call for help for medical supplies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, luxury conglomerate LVMH answered. CEO Bernard Arnault gave the go-ahead for the initiative and within 72 hours, the first batch of hand sanitisers were on their way to hospitals in Paris.

According to the company’s social media account, it dedicated factories of its luxury brands, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain, to manufacture the sanitisers. LVMH has pledged to continue to produce and distribute them for free to frontline healthcare professionals in France for as long as it is necessary.

Another luxury brand under the LVMH umbrella is Bulgari. Following the lead of its parent company, Bulgari is also providing hand sanitisers to medical facilities in Italy. The brand and its fragrance partner ICR Laboraties, has begun manufacturing cleansing gels and distributing them through the Italian Civil Protection Department.

To meet demands as soon as possible, the sanitisers were placed in the most basic packaging – clear bottles with usage instructions, list of ingredients, and the simplest version of the brand logo. This look is a far cry from the usual luxurious packaging backed by a great deal of thought, effort and design.

Yet, this “design-less” packaging has been effective in fuelling positive public sentiment. The minimalism signified LVMH’s willingness to prioritise the country’s needs above capitalising on its own business. Displaying social responsibility earned brownie points with the public, as LVMH proved it goes beyond mere appearances.

As a result, this move has made LVMH a true... class act.

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