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#GoodPackaging: Perfect Packaging


Company: Perfection Packaging

Country: Australia


Title of Entry: Eta Uppercuts Corn Tapas Bag

Product Location: Australia

Category: FMCG

Production process: Flexo

Machinery: KODAK FLEXCEL NX plates

Accolades: FTA Best in Show wide web category Award for Print Excellence


This entry is described as a truly exceptional piece of print, specifically mentioning the excellent overall tonal range, standout ink coverage and highlight reproduction by judges of the FTA Awards.

Selwyn Hyman and Hylton Hodes, Managers at Perfection Packaging:

“The first thing you need to know is that the job was printed as any job that goes through our plant. This included normal press speeds together with the standard process controls that are applied to every job printed at Perfection Packaging. This job was not treated any differently. It’s printed at 133lpi screen ruling. We don’t push high line screens – that way we minimize the challenges on press.

The key to producing such a high-quality job is maintaining consistency on press with ink density targets, which we were able to achieve by using KODAK FLEXCEL NX plates.

The reprographics, provided by our prepress partner Kirk Group, are produced to a press colour profile specific to our presses and substrates. This allows proofs to accurately match the press outcomes. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX plates with Advanced surface patterning allow for ink densities to be quickly achieved and maintained throughout the run without the need to increase impression. This is coupled with the KODAK Advanced Edge Definition technology used on the plates, which keeps the type crisp and clean with both positive and reverse text.”

Why is this a good packaging/good print?

“The results we achieved with this job challenges the traditional expectations of a flexible package printed by the flexographic process – something we aspire to with every job we do!

The design of this job placed all of the traditional limitations of flexography in sharp focus, with fine reverse text, fine positive text, images and background that required the tone to start at 0%. The end result could only be defined as being flexo by viewing the result under a magnifying glass, something brand owners and consumers do not do.”

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