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Pinyapel – the Filipino sustainable pineapple paper

Made from discarded pineapple leaves, Pinyapel is food-safe, naturally water-resistant and 100% biodegradable, making it a viable packaging option.

Developed by the Design Center of the Philippines, Pinyapel is a specialty paper that is processed and manufactured from the locally sourced pineapple leaves. The Philippines is the second largest pineapple producer in the world, and Pinyapel is made from the discarded leaves of its plants.

Pinyapel is reinforced and print-ready for packaging applications.

The specialty paper can be used to make a number of products from paper shopping bags to coffee cups, most of which in the market are lined with plastic to make them water resistant. Pinyapel requires no extra plastic film layer, as pineapple leaves are naturally water-resistant. Pinyapel-made packaging can be in direct contact with food, making them a feasible alternative for food packaging.

Pinyapel is 100% biodegradable. It can also decompose faster than other paper products. According to tests by the Design Center of the Philippines, Pinyapel reached about 55% mass loss in four weeks, much higher than the 21% mass loss in commercial paper bags.

The innovation won the 2019 Wood Pencil award by the UK-based charity D&AD Future Impact for sustainability. It is also the Philippines’ first award for the category.

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