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Sustainability will be a priority for APAC consumers post-COVID19

According to a survey by data and analytics company GlobalData, the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled Asia-Pacific consumers to believe their behaviours, product choices and collective influence can make impactful changes on a global scale.

APAC consumers are now more inclined to respond to environmental challenges and sustainability factor.

GlobalData’s Covid-19 survey week-8 (12-17 May 2020) shows that almost 38% Australians, 52% Chinese and 56% Indians are always/often influenced by how ethical/environmentally-friendly/socially-responsible the product/service is. This implies that consumers are considering the environmental and ethical implications of their purchases.

“Environmental and ethical considerations have become a secondary purchase influence for consumers in the APAC, who are more likely to base purchases on trust, value, convenience and health," said Shagun Sachdeva, Consumer Insight Analyst at GlobalData.

“Consumers are not necessarily disregarding broader sustainability issues during the health crisis, but the pandemic has highlighted the need to act with urgency on other matters to mitigate the damage of imminent and future crises.

"For instance, in case of sustainable packaging, consumers may be more inclined to hygiene-driven features in the short-term, in which consumers may view disposable packaging as positive.

“Post-pandemic, considerations around hygiene and food safety will continue to form packaging preferences, but consumers will expect companies to offer adequate packaging protection without resorting to virgin plastic. More sustainable packaging options such as cardboard boxes or bio-degradable bags will secure consumer adoption.”

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