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Coca-Cola and Carlsberg may use plant-based bottles

Soft drinks and beer could soon be sold in all-plant plastic bottles. Avantium, a biochemicals company based in the Netherlands, is now developing “all-plant” bottles uses plant sugars instead of fossil fuels to manufacture its degradable and recyclable bottles.

The plant plastic is resilient enough to bottle carbonated drinks .According to the company, it has already won support from big beverage players such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola and Danone. Carlsberg last announced paper beer bottle prototypes.

The Dutch company is working on a sustainable solution that breaks down sustainable plant sugars into simple chemical structures. This can then be rearranged to form a new plant-based plastic. The all-plant recyclable plastic can appear on supermarket shelves as early as 2023.

Trials have shown that the plastic can decompose in a year with a composter, and a few years longer if left in normal conditions. This is a huge leap from the current lifecycle of plastic bottles, which take 450 years to decompose.

The initiative intends to make about 5,000 tonnes of plastic a year from plant sugars extracted sustainably grown crops, such as corn, wheat or beets, instead of fossil fuels. Avantium expects its production to grow as demand for renewable plastics increases.

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