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EFI appoints Inkjet Chief Operating Officer

Scott Schinlever returns to EFI to lead industrial inkjet portfolio across display graphics, textiles, packaging and building materials.

Scott Schinlever has re-joined EFI in a new role as chief operating officer for EFI’s global inkjet business.

Schinlever will further expand EFI’s industrial inkjet portfolio, while facilitating the analog-to-digital transformation throughout the industry for EFI’s current and future customers.

Schinlever will be responsible for all equipment, ink, and service solutions throughout the EFI portfolio in Display Graphics, Textiles, Packaging and Building Materials. Schinlever was most recently president and COO of Automation Solutions for Tolland, Gerber Technology. At EFI, he managed the marketing, growth and development of EFI VUTEk printers and other EFI inkjet technologies, including EFI Nozomi C18000.

During Schinlever’s time with EFI, the company’s inkjet business grew significantly through organic growth and strategic acquisitions of innovative digital printer and ink companies, such as EFI Reggiani. “We are thrilled to have Scott back in the EFI family,” said EFI Chairman and CEO Jeff Jacobson. “Our industry is at a critical inflection point. I joined EFI one year ago because I clearly understood that EFI is the best positioned company in the industry to drive the analog-to-digital transformation in the industrial inkjet space. Under Scott’s leadership of the Inkjet Business, I am convinced that EFI will attain that leadership position across the diverse segments of display graphics, packaging, textiles and building materials.”

Schinlever stated: “It feels great to be back at EFI. In the two years that I have been away, much has changed, but the spirit of innovation and the strong desire to make our customers successful has remained strong and is increasing every day. I look forward to digging in, getting caught up, and working to take our inkjet businesses to a new and even more successful future.”

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