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EFI’s new software gives print and packaging businesses easy entry to fulfilment services

EFI introduced a new, automated offering for printing and packaging businesses seeking growth by offering pick-and-pack fulfilment. The EFI MarketDirect Fulfillment software is designed for easy implementation. The new inventory management product is part of the MarketDirect suite of web-to-print, eCommerce and cross media solutions.

Equipped with intuitive and flexible administration tools, the new fulfillment offering creates a seamless order-to-fulfillment workflow that businesses can use to expand service offerings, create efficiency in warehouse operations, and drive even greater customer loyalty.

The software delivers functionality for existing MarketDirect StoreFront web-to-print/eCommerce users, with a structure designed to reduce the time and complexities needed to start and manage print fulfillment operations. MarketDirect Fulfillment also leverages the latest in web eCommerce technology to provide a simple and powerful administrative dashboard to manage both clients and orders.

Full-featured fulfillment to protect revenue from competition EFI MarketDirect Fulfillment is ideal for commercial print and packaging businesses, in-plant print centers and corporate marketing communications teams looking to create immersive order and fulfillment portals for customers with an easy-to-use and intuitive administrative dashboard for staff.

As a part of the EFI MarketDirect StoreFront web-to-print workflow solution, both customers and internal users are presented with a familiar interface that gets them up and running quickly and efficiently.

Offered as an ‘always-on’ EFI cloud-managed solution, MarketDirect Fulfillment also removes customer concerns about server availability and uptime, allowing companies to focus on servicing their customers and efficiently running their businesses. As with the rest of the MarketDirect platform, the new product also integrates with comprehensive EFI Productivity Suite MIS/ERP workflows for end-to-end, automated business and production management.

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