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#GoodPackaging: One-Paper Structure reveals Hidden Honey


Company: Pica Packaging Design Lab

Country: China



Title of Entry: Honey on the Branch

Client: Honey on the Branch

Category: FMCG

Designed by: Shuwei Qi


Honey on the Branch chooses the honey of Xinjiang Dark Bee which dwells only in Xinjiang region. The design team picks black as the base colour to show this distinctive feature. The bees gather honey in the valley of Tianshan Mountain, where phoenix lives according to ancient myths. The team draws an illustration about phoenix, and melt the snow mountain into the logo artfully.

Unfolding the package, customers would surprisingly find that the honey is hidden in the flower, which result from the team's die-board design.

Honey is a common present among Chinese, but the over packaging always raises doubts about the real value of its content. Taking the feedbacks about the over packaging in to consideration, the team choose a one-paper forming structure for the inner package, lowering the resource waste as well as the printing cost.

Phoenix and the Tianshan Mountain play an important role in Western Chinese culture, thus the illustration for the packaging uses classic patterns and traditional colour schemes.

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