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Hung Hing - A new era in digital printing

Hong Kong print and packaging company installed the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press to support its expansion from B2B to B2C.

Hung Hing Printing Group (Hung Hing) is a leading provider of comprehensive printing and packaging services in Hong Kong. For many years, Hung Hing has operated downstream in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business, which meant that the company’s revenues were largely determined by client demand in the upper stream.

More recently, the company’s business strategy has shifted to actively reach out to end users. Instead of competing with clients, the company is creating more value for them, and at the same time, expanding their services to end users by developing different kinds of products.

“In expanding from B2B to B2C, we are moving closer to end users and creating value for our customers by leveraging new printing technologies. This is an important opportunity for us to move up the supply chain while improving our bottom line.”

- Yum Chak Ming, Matthew, Executive Chairman

Hung Hing Printing Group Limited

“We were always downstream in the OEM supply chain. This was a very passive position as our bottom line was determined by the activities of our clients. However, when we expanded from B2B to B2C, we got closer to end users and created value for our customers through new printing technologies. This was an important opportunity for use to innovate and succeed,” said Matthew Yum.

He explained that digital printing provides increased flexibility and the opportunity to pursue creative ideas as the printed products can be custom-made and in smaller quantities.

The company is a leader in packaging, printing children’s books, greeting cards and paper products. In recent years, Hung Hing has also ventured into creative design and product development by establishing its creative arm, Beluga, to build upon its digital capabilities.

In addition to the challenges affecting the bottom line, the company also faced increasing expectations from customers and demand for more exquisite and personalized products, and innovative services in a highly competitive and digitalized world.

“Every challenge presents an opportunity for us to do better and grow bigger,” said Matthew.

After adopting Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse Production Press for about one year, one of the brand names under Beluga called Papery pioneered “printing” on the first super sturdy paper bag. Papery is a lifestyle eco-friendly brand that creates contemporary paper products.

With digital printing technology, customers can create unique and personalized items for themselves such as putting their initials on the bag and choosing different patterns with metallic effects by adopting Iridesse Production Press. The technology also enables Beluga to cater to small volume production with increased choices and flexibility, without having to worry about the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.

“To the surprise of many people, digital printing delivers exceptional quality and a number of impressive effects. Not only does it help us differentiate our own product creations, it also adds value to our customers’ portfolios,” said Nicholas Yum, Creative Director, Beluga Limited, who joined Hung Hing eight years ago.

Hung Hing and Beluga chose Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) for its reliable service, responsiveness to customers’ enquiries, and sustainability mindset. In the medium-run, the company is confident about producing sustainable products directly for end users and expanding from the B2B to B2C model.

In the long-run, Hung Hing believes that by offering one-stop services from negotiation, design and production to delivery with digitization, the company can better contribute to the lasting success of its customers resulting in stronger and more enduring relationships in the process.

For an in-depth case study with video, visit: https://www.fujixerox.com.hk/en/Company/Success-Stories/Hung-Hing

About Hung Hing:

Hung Hing Printing Group is a leading provider of comprehensive printing and packaging services in Hong Kong and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0450.HK) in 1992. The company has over 8,600 employees and operates five plants in mainland China. Beginning in 1950 as a small printing house in Central, the business and retail heart of Hong Kong, Hung Hing expanded as a printer and a manufacturer of paper, folding cartons, corrugated containers, and high-end packaging products. Roughly 70 percent of its business is comprised of exports with the remainder for domestic consumption. Resilience, integrity, a positive attitude and an open mind towards adopting new technologies are all core values of the group.

First published in Issue 06 of Print Innovation Asia.

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