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Landa S10 press installed at K-1 Packaging

Landa announced that US packaging company, K-1 Packaging Group is installing the Landa S10 Nanographic printing press. The S10 will produce short to medium run static and variable jobs that consists primarily of 5,000 sheets-and-under. The work includes folding cartons, countertop displays, labels, and litholam corrugated boxes.

The first and only Landa S10 in Asia Pacific is at Chinese packaging company, ZRP.

The most important factor in K-1 President, Mike Tsai’s assessment of the press was the speed in producing back-to-back, short to medium run jobs that made comparison to conventional equipment production times – including makeready.

With a Landa S10 running at its rated speed of 6,500 large format (B1 / 41 in.) sheets per hour, Landa showed Tsai and his team what would be eight makereadies on a conventional press, but achieved in only an hour and ten minutes on the Landa S10.

According to Landa, this is three times faster than any digital solution, and six times faster than a digital press closest to the 41 inch format.

“The 40 inch press is Landa’s domain,” Tsai said. “No one is able to run static or variable jobs as quickly. In a manufacturing environment, this means that we will be more productive, and able to give our customers greater flexibility on run quantity and SKU count – an important competitive edge. What’s more, the S10’s scalability and upward compatibility gives us confidence that we will meet customer demands well into the future.”

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