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Commercial print picks up, while increase in packaging and labeling slows down

The Print Media Industry Climate Report published by the Heidelberg Digital Unit provides a weekly update on printing volumes for the market segments of packaging & label printing and commercial printing based on global, objective real-time IIoT data.

The latest Climate Report evaluation shows how COVID-19 is affecting the sector around the globe.

There was a positive start to 2020, with print volumes significantly exceeding production in the previous year. The extent to which print shops’ production volumes have been hit correlates closely with the country-specific infection rates and lockdown measures.

While commercial printers work at a much reduced capacity at the peak of the infection, packaging and labels are in above-average demand during this period.

As the economic situation begins to return to normal, the printing industry is also starting to recover.

Commercial printing is picking up again, while the considerable increase in the production of packaging and labels is coming to an end.

Some 5,000 selected offset presses in all format classes operated by customers worldwide that are connected by the Heidelberg Cloud, which has access to more than 13,000 machines, create the representative basis for the anonymized data.

This random sample corresponds to around 20% of global industrial sheetfed offset production, which makes it highly significant.

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