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Becoming a print megastore: turning multiple print processes into one

Taiwan’s Home Making Creative Printing installed the Iridesse Production Press to level up printing efficiency for its signature “Cocktail Business Coloured Cards”.

Founded in 1987, Home Making Creative Printing was the first ‘combined printing’ (combined different customers’ job into one in offset printing) company to use “computer combination” printing for business cards as its primary enterprise.

The company has 180 employees and is the largest business of its type in Taiwan with the highest number of subscriptions for on-line printing. Home Making Creative Printing came to prominence for providing customers with a diversified range of printing products. Its signature product, which caused a sensation in the industry, is the “Cocktail Business Coloured Cards.”

"To integrate complex production procedures using digital printing technology to speed up the production efficiency of our signature product ‘Cocktail Business Coloured Cards’ was a major challenge that we were facing,” said Mr. Lin Chuan-Wang, founder of Home Making Creative Printing.

In a market that now demands quick and diversified personalized products, printing efficiency is a crucial concern. If a customer wishes to print two special colours, the dry ink needs to be changed and reprinted which would take much time and effort. With a project that needs two procedures to complete, it often leads to a delay in delivery. To be able to cope with such obstacles, Mr. Lin sought to purchase a new kind of printing machine.

Introducing the Iridesse Production Press

Mr. Lin consulted with a number of industry peers about digital printing brands. Many graphic arts operators recommended Fuji Xerox machines as well as their service team. In 2013, Home Making Creative Printing became a user of Fuji Xerox, with an expectation to increase production efficiency on combined printing for business cards with increased printing lengths.

As Home Making Creative Printing was trying to come up with a solution to speed up the production efficiency on digital business cards and integrate the complex procedures in printing “Cocktail Business Coloured Cards”, Mr. Lin was invited to the Iridesse Production Press Launch Press Conference.

Immediately after seeing its powerful functions, the company decided to invest in the Iridesse Production Press. Mr. Lin was compelled by these main reasons for choosing the Iridesse Production Press:

1. Exclusive six-colour print engine:

Special inks of gold, silver, white and clear ink dry can be added.

2. One of the smallest toners “EA Dry Ink” delivering breath-taking image quality.

3. Special base technology:

Easy to have overprint performance

4. Stabilized processing quality: Wide range of paper media, HD printing and long-sized banner printing materials are supported.

Enabling Signature ‘Cocktail Business Coloured Cards’ – and more

First of all, Iridesse Production Press utilizes six-colour printing technology that no other type of digital machine has, and it allows you to adjust the shades of special colours freely. The performance of delivering colours exceeds previous models.

In the past, if a print needed both gold and silver, only methods such as gold and silver hot stamping could complete the task. The procedures were complex that required two processes and the shades could not be changed due to the adjustment limit of colours.

Now, Iridesse Production Press combines the printing of gold and silver as well as general colours in single pass, making printing 20% faster in comparison with the previous models. With the free adjustment of the shades of gold and silver, it delivers a variety of mixed colours of gold and silver. The metallic effect of overprinting from special colours also surprised Mr. Lin.

Iridesse Production Press uses one of the world’s smallest particle size toners “HD EA Dry Ink” which enables smooth and high-resolution printing, controlling highly flexible dry ink particles with molecular grade. It utilizes printing technology that evenly transfers six layers of dry ink and provides an image that is in smooth high definition and at the same time maintains high productivity and a wide variety of print applications.

Furthermore, Home Making Creative Printing’s service of “Cocktail Business Coloured Cards” uses digital printing that does not require ‘combined printing’. Apart from a few types of special paper materials, more than 70% of paper materials can be printed on.

With the Iridesse Production Press’ outstanding specialty colours and the wide range of paper media, Home Making has introduced its unique and exquisite “Cocktail Business Coloured Cards”.

“Digital printing is certainly the trend at the moment and will continue into the future of the graphic arts market. ‘Cocktail Business Coloured Cards’ offers small-volume production of a wide range of multi-layer printing styles using ground-breaking and against-tradition printing methods; an inter-generational service that integrates digital printing and technology, traditional graphic arts and multi-processing. IridesseTM Production Press is the key factor that helped push ‘Cocktail Business Coloured Cards’ to the next level,” said Mr. Lin.

On its way to becoming a Printing Megastore

In addition to the qualities of the Iridesse, Home Making Creative Printing is more than happy to support and purchase Fuji Xerox products, having accumulated years of trust from their close cooperation.

“I have been most satisfied working with Fuji Xerox Taiwan for many years. Among the reasons for my long-term investment in Fuji Xerox equipment are: the service team would come at once regardless of the weather in case of a sudden break-down of equipment that requires repairing, general professional machine maintenance services and providing consumables,” said Mr. Lin.

As the pioneer of combined printing in Taiwan, Home Making Creative Printing insists on finding its own unique style through “transcendence and innovation.” Aside from enhancing its printing technology, the company has also established “Paper Goods” - a Cloud-based photography platform and launched the world's very first “Shoot and Print” mobile app, which targets personalized products. With its smart digital beauty editor, users can enjoy a customized layout and design. Home Making Creative Printing continues to develop its range of services in the hope of becoming a “Printing Mega-store”.

First published in Issue 07/2020 of Print Innovation Asia.

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