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#GoodPackaging: Elegance in Sustainability

Company info

Company: Pica Packaging Design Lab

Country: China


Title of Entry*: Pushi Organic Sanitary Pad

Country: China

Category: FMCG

Designed by: Shuwei Qi


Pica Lab created a modern illustration of the cheongsam instead of putting a cotton flower on the packaging like western competitors. Western or European consumers are more aware and have high recognition for organic products, unlike Chinese consumers. Due to this, the design team decided to present consumers with a mental experience instead. The cheongsam represents the essence of the Chinese women. It signifies that the pads help women to feel more elegant during a time of the month that they may not necessarily feel as such. It also serves as a reminder to women of the importance of self-care for both body and mind.

Pushi Organic Sanitary Pad is the first sanitary pad sold in China that has both Chinese and European organic certificates (GOTS). It incinerates safely and can dissolve in 6 months when buried. Used sanitary pads once was the key source of “white pollution”, and Pushi Organic works to minimize its impact on the environment.

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