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#GoodPrints: Craftsmanship in Print


Company: Allegro Print

Location: Singapore

Website: https://allegro-print.com/


Title of Entry: George’s Anatomy Book

Category: Book

Printing Technology: Heidelberg

Accolades: Gold for Design Excellence at Asian Print Awards 2019


Digital print was able to bring out the colours of the original paintings on paper, a true feat. The stunning and vivid vibrant colours used to portray the works on the artist, digital print makes it possible.

Allegro Printing’s book was an annual report for the Lien Foundation, an organisation that supports charity work in Singapore. Given to its donors, the book is highly sought after and limited edition. With the particular project, the report delivered the content through the interesting concept of anatomy, life and death, and cradle to grave.

Encased in an acrylic cover, the book entices anyone to pick it up and flip through its contents. A series of eye-catching illustrations referencing pop culture, accompanied by tactile feel of the paper and perfect print invite the reader to continue turning its pages.

“There’s many aspects and surprises to this book. The book even has glow-in-the-dark print. To a lot of people this is just a book. But for people with an eye for design, you can understand how hard it is to produce this book. This book cannot be automated at all,” said Ho Yeow Liang, executive director of Allegro Print Pte Ltd.

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The 2020 editions of Asian Print Awards and Asian Packaging Excellence Awards are now accepting submissions! Send in your entries today.

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