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Colour management 4.0: CGS ORIS introduces new software versions

CGS ORIS announces latest versions of its colour management software. The colour server and the proofing software have a completely new look with flat, very clear icons and the user interface has been arranged in an optimised manner for a simplified overview. This is also supported by a new coloured status info; additional information can be activated about printers, queues, jobs and other processes to have all important details present at a glance.

In addition, the user is now able to make many adjustments within the programs and it is now possible to completely customise the software to their own needs and requirements. This makes working within the software even more intuitive - especially for new users it is now even easier to get started – and workflows are more streamlined.

A nice enhancement is the option to switch between different modes, like light, classic and dark mode.

"In addition to graphic-based improvements, it was of great importance for us to implement innovative features that generate added value for our customers and which are, from our point of view, trend-setting," said Marcus Brune, Product Manager at CGS ORIS.

The usage, editing and also prediction of spectral colour data and the optimization of spot colours play a central role here. Among others, this was applied in the simulation of overprinting spot colours. More will be announced shortly, the company promises.

Other functions for example relate to the creation of user-defined test charts for all supported measuring devices, the media-relative adjustment of the substrate white point and scheduled printing.

In addition, new hardware is also supported, including the latest X-Rite i1 generation and the new Myiro from Konica Minolta. New Canon, Epson and Mutoh printers have been implemented.

More details are available at https://bit.ly/3fIECLk.

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