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Japan’s Daido Shiko installs HP Indigo 7900

Japanese specialty printing company, Daido Shiko Printing CO., LTD., has upgraded its digital printing capabilities with a HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press.

Daido Shiko serves leading global retail brands demanding high-quality colour printing on plastic sheets. With the Indigo 7900, the company will be able to personalize more of the goods it produces, from office folders to souvenirs, trade show marketing solutions and more. And as its new press is powered by HP’s PrintOSX advanced technologies, Daido Shiko will also be able to automate more production processes and so deliver more jobs faster, with maximum efficiency.

The company installed its new press in July at its Nagoya site, where it prints to order over 250 types of specialty goods and products.

Currently, Daido Shiko offers uniquely designed products by combining digital printing technology with die-cut processing and other sophisticated techniques.

With the HP Indigo 7900, however, it can widen its application range and draw on a broader array of special effects using specialty inks and HP SmartStream Designer Mosaic. This will allow the company to fulfill more creative and complex requests from those customers that value specialty services.

“We produce original items printed on PP and PET sheets with offset and silk printing using die-cut and special paste processing. We started using the HP Indigo 7900 digital press on short run orders of our current products and for proofreading, but in the longer term we intend to leverage its capabilities to help us create different kinds of products — namely, more unique and specialized items that will help us stand out in the market,” said Yasuteru Kawase, CEO, Daido Shiko Printing.

“When we first invested in the HP Indigo 7900, the most difficult challenge we expected it to help us solve was using ink adhesions on a film surface. However, its capabilities have exceeded our expectations, thanks to the efforts of HP and our partner. For example, we’re currently receiving multiple orders for antibacterial mask cases on PP. Using the HP Indigo, we can produce 3,000 or fewer mask cases in a single batch. As a result, we’re seeing many individual and retailers approach us for orders via our website. So, I am confident that the HP Indigo 7900 digital press is the right solution for our needs and that our investment has been timely, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.”

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