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Landa: "people fall in love at drupa"

Landa affirms commitment to appear at drupa 2021, subject to prevailing COVID-19 situation

Speaking at a global Q&A session, Benny Landa confirmed that it will be participating at drupa 2021, stating: “I love drupa, drupa has emerged as the industry trade show. In fact it’s the only trade show that Landa Digital Printing has ever participated in.”

“And the reason is for hundreds and thousands of visitors it is the place to communicate our messages to share our vision to educate our market about what’s possible and how we see the future of this industry.”

“In fact, everytime we signed an order, I always ask the customer: when did you make the mental decision to buy our product. Invariably, the customer would say I fell in love with you at drupa 2012, or drupa 2016. People fall in love at drupa – with the technology, the people, the company.”

Landa added that the company’s participation is subject only to the prevailing health situation surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the Q&A session here:

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