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Agfa launches fastest printer in Jeti Tauro series

The Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED is Agfa’s new flagship, targeted to the high end of the sign & display market. This UV LED inkjet engine prints media up to 3.3 m wide in four or six colours at a speed up to 600 m²/h, and is said to be even sturdier and up to 30% faster than its predecessors. The hybrid printer can handle boards and sheets as well as flexible materials in different configurations.

The new Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED (UHS for ‘ultra-high speed’) is designed to sustain highly productive, reliable print operations with low maintenance requirements and high uptime. Examples include the high-speed autoloader for fast media processing and the large ink tanks for greater autonomy.

Its extended vacuum zones and media guides make it suited for corrugated cardboard packaging printing. The master roll-to-roll configuration can handle both single- and dual-roll printing, and features an optional camera for accurate double-sided printing of block-out media.

“The Jeti Tauro was already a synonym for highly productive hybrid printing with advanced automation, yet with the Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED, we have raised the bar even more,” said Reinhilde Alaert, Product Manager Sign & Display at Agfa. “When developing this new flagship, we went all out to make it fit for extreme workloads. On top of that, it is a versatile all-in-one machine that can print rigids and sheets as well as roll materials at the highest quality and the lowest ink consumption. It is the epitome of our ‘Extreme Productivity. Extreme Quality.’ motto.”

Agfa will be organizing a virtual event on 9th March to showcase the new Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED. To sign up for the launch event, visit http://studio5d10.com/.

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