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Asian Packaging Awards Open for entries

Let’s talk about the state of our Packaging industry post pandemic. What to look out for moving forward. The SHIFT 2022 Packaging Conference.

No doubting it, our industry in under pressure, not from print job volumes, but by the ever-increasing cost of our production supplies, like film, board, plates, inks, freight, wages and other increases that we are being subjected to. Every business today is in the same boat, and this is not just a packaging issue. But we honestly only care about the costs that effect our business post pandemic in our industry.

What can we do to help elevate some of these costs with careful and correct purchases. How willing are supply companies wanting to work with you! By changing suppliers on consumables (for example) due to cheaper prices, is it really going to help long term?. What about workflow, can that help save you costs. Is that cheaper machine purchase going to be the right investment you need at this stage.

We are having the SHIFT 22 conference in Bangkok on December the 8th and will address these issues and many others as well. The one-day event will bring back (for our 19th year) industry leaders so you can hear from people and companies who have the answers. Network with other companies who like you need to find these ways forward.

Following the one day “intensive” SHIFT conference we will hold the industries only regional Asian Packaging Excellence Awards dinner, where we showcase the quality packaging companies who have been awarded Gold Silver and Bronze in the 2022 competition, always a highlight of the year. Register and book your seat booked today for the 2022 SHIFT conference and also get your best printed work ready to enter in the Awards Competition. Nothing says it better than being a winning quality packaging printer in Asia. And nothing helps more than you having the right information for your business moving forward.

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