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Bobst launches e-commerce version of Expertfold folder-gluer

BOBST unveiled the new Expertfold 165 e-commerce version. The e-commerce version is an enhanced version of the Expertfold 145 l 165 folder-gluer, but for digital retail applications.

The e-commerce version features a highly configurable and modular design, with two new modules: POLYVACUUM and GYROBOX. The objective is to add value under the pressures of e-commerce.

The two modules have been customised for the Expertfold 165 and are now available on this flagship for the folding-gluing of litho-laminated boxes. The modules are already available for the Masterfold 170 and 230.

POLYVACUUM was designed to unlock versatility. Bespoke upper transports allow the installation of external application tools, while the lower vacuum transports ensure extremely stable transport of the blanks. POLYVACUUM allows to fit special folding devices as well as in-line applicators of strips and self-adhesive tapes, needed for e-commerce boxes.

GYROBOX is a system that can pivot blanks at any angle from 0° to 180° in the running direction. Enabling converters to keep pace with heightened e-commerce demands, GYROBOX rotates boxes that normally require two passes in one single pass. The system can rotate left to right or right to left, allowing even complex boxes to be run at speeds of up to 250 m/min.

Even when GYROBOX is not used, blanks can be folded and glued without any hindrance at full machine speed. This unique module enables the fast and cost-efficient production of speciality boxes, further increasing the great potential for diversification, together with POLYVACUUM.

“Across the retail sector, there has been an unmistakable surge in e-commerce as shoppers quickly turned to online during the pandemic. This brings added pressures onto brands and converters they rely on. As ever, we evolve our products to meet the needs of converters right here, right now – and in the future. With the Expertfold 165 e-commerce version, we’re offering a dedicated evolution of our tried and tested machine with additional tools for digital retail,” said Pierre Binggeli, Product Line Director Folder-gluers at Bobst.

A rapid turnaround from clicks to delivery is essential to sales and the customer experience. The right machinery in place can therefore make all the difference.

“Expertfold 165 e-commerce produces a wide range of boxes in a single production line, with efficient production even for complex boxes. What is more, the technology has simple handling for shorter make-ready and more uptime, adding more value for the converter. As with all BOBST machines, complex technology is made simple with an operator-friendly user interface, with simple setup. We are pleased to bring a new powerhouse machine to the market and once again demonstrate why BOBST is the go-to name for packaging innovation,” said Binggeli.

Able to support digital transformation for packaging converters, the machine is equipped with MATIC automation technology and remote control. The swift setups and changeovers are also due to the fact that the entire folder-gluer and the different modules are managed through an HMI, allowing users to save and retrieve settings on demand.

Ready for the transition to Industry 4.0, the EXPERTFOLD is already available with Helpline Plus and BOBST Service Apps, allowing remote access for fast and effective production monitoring and assistance.

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