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Bobst launches new Speedpack automatic packer

Bobst has unveiled Speedpack, an automatic packer to bring new levels of automation and productivity to folding-gluing lines.

The automatic packer, suitable for the EXPERTFOLD 145/165, EXPERTFOLD 170-350 and MASTERFOLD 170-350, can handle all types of boxes, whether corrugated or litho-laminated, from straight-line, 4&6 corners, to crash-lock bottom. With the new packer, folded and glued boxes are automatically counted, stacked and banded perfectly, delivered and ready for palletization.

“With Speedpack, converters can realise the full potential of their Bobst folding-gluing lines in terms of both quality and productivity,” said Pierre Binggeli, Product Line Director Folder-gluers at Bobst. “This novel innovation combines a range of Bobst patented features designed to take the strain out of the packing process and reduce waste, while at the same time optimising operational accuracy and efficiency. At Bobst, we believe automated technologies and processes are key to enabling progress and future-proofing the packaging industry; Speedpack is representative of this vision.”

Speedpack brings a multitude of benefits to operators and enhances the return on investment for manufacturers and converters. Providing the highest possible number of batches per hour and with very short set-up times, it can increase folding-gluing line productivity by up to 25%, without compromising box quality.

The automated process eliminates the need for machine operators to bundle batches together and carry heavy loads to offline bundle-strapping machines. Workload is reduced by up to 60% as the complete line can be managed by one operator and the risk of injury, including Repetitive Strain Injury, is removed. Highly ergonomic, Speedpack is easy and safe to use on the production floor. Large clear safety doors provide complete access and visibility to the whole machine for setting and production. Meanwhile, the BOBST Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated into SPEEDPACK allows settings to be fully automated, making handling of repeat orders simple and fast - job changeovers can take place within 10 minutes.

“Speedpack is a versatile peripheral that provides converters and manufacturers with greater control across the workflow, helping them to become more flexible and agile – critical in today’s fast-paced industry,” said Binggeli.

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