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Canon Singapore unveils new UVgel series printer Colorado 1630

Canon announced the launch of the latest addition to the UVgel series, the Colorado 1630. Unveiled in an online presentation, the printer has all the unique features of Canon’s patented UV gel technology, “now made available to a wider and bigger audience”.

Weighing at 700 kg, it can print at a maximum speed of more than 100,000 square metres an hour.

A unique feature is its modular approach. The modularity allows the 1630 to be configured according to specific business needs.

The base model itself is equipped with a Gloss printing speed of 111 square metres per hour, and a high quality mode at 29 squares metres per hour. According to Canon, these speeds are “two to three times faster than any other 64 inch roll-to-roll printer in the market”. Other options can be added such as FLXfinish for Matte finishes or second media roll online.

The Colorado 1630 uses the same UV gel ink as the Colorado 1650, except that it comes in a smaller bottle size of 700ml.

Canon explained that this is a deliberate choice as the “cost-effective solution has a 40% lower consumption compared to other technologies to cater to users that do not have big printing volumes yet.”

Catch the full feature of the Colorado 1630 in an upcoming issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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