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Catena+ wins Chinese flexo award

ThermoFlexX’s Catena+ inline plate making system won the CI Flexo Tech Technology Innovation Award. The new award programme was established in 2019, and is the first such award to cover the entire flexo industry in China.

The aim is “to discover, promote, encourage and commend innovative technologies in the flexo printing industry”. A committee consisting of 46 flexo experts including leading printers, brand-owners, universities, trade magazines and technology suppliers, judged the finalists in the 2020 CI Flexo Tech Technology Innovation Award.

ThermoFlexX imagers and Catena units are designed and built by Xeikon Prepress, Ypres, Belgium. Catena is a modular concept of individual units that can build up to a fully in-line solvent-chemistry flexo plate making system.

Christophe Lievens, Sales & Marketing Director said: “We’re very proud to win this award courtesy of so many peers in our field. We’re fully aware of the demand for the highest quality of flexo print in China. This is a very exciting time for us as Catena systems are our first project 100% combining our equipment design knowledge with Flint Flexographic plate making and flexo print expertise. Development has been a total partnership and we believe the result is a product portfolio of ThermoFlexX and Catena equipment with flexo plates that exactly fits the market-place.”

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