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CGS ORIS collaborates with Mutoh Europe

The partnership introduces a new solution for direct-to-substrate proofing on uncoated packaging media.

CGS ORIS and Mutoh Europe announced a unique end-to-end digital print solution specially developed for direct-to-substrate proofing for packaging. The brand-new solution is based on CGS ORIS´ well-known packaging proofing and mock up system FLEX PACK. From now on, the software does support the Mutoh ValueJet 628 MP, a 24’’ (630mm) wide digital piezo inkjet printer, which was specially optimized for the specific requirements of the packaging industry.

The solution allows direct to substrate proofing for applications such as shrink sleeves, uncoated labels and corrugated board. The new combined solution has already been adopted and very well received in Japan.

In combination with the newly developed multi-resin inks (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White) this holistic system of soft- and hardware covers exactly the proofing applications for which transfer film and the use of traditional water-based and eco-solvent inks are not the best alternative.

Resin inks are non-toxic, pigmented inks in a volatile solution with excellent adhesion on coated and uncoated substrates. The XG resin Inks easily cover an ISO-coated or GRACoL colour space.

“We see a huge potential for our common solution for specific niche applications which are complementary to our existing business of proofing via transfer film in combination with eco solvent inks. The first niche we have addressed is companies specializing in shrink sleeve production,” commented Heiner Mueller, Sales Director Packaging at CGS ORIS. “Everyone was excited, already after just a few days of use. The results have contract proof quality and thanks to the motorized take-up unit, the system is suitable for unattended operation and therefore even for ultra-short runs.”

The new multi-resin XG series inks will not only allow printing onto uncoated substrates, but will also give packaging professionals the opportunity to check the correct distortion of a shrink sleeve prototype thanks to the new XG INKS' unique stretch and shrink capabilities.

Besides that, a second important niche is proofing on uncoated label stock and corrugated board. Unlike UV inks, CGS ORIS XG INKS will retain the look and feel as well as all other physical properties of the target substrates intact. This means the proofs will have the physical feel of the final product.

“It is not possible to cover these applications with regular transfer film and water-based or eco solvent inks. Looking ahead, we are also exploring additional opportunities for the VJ-628MP/FLEX PACK/CGS ORIS XG INKS solution, such as non-woven fabrics, garment tags or PE plastic bags,” added Mueller.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with CGS ORIS and bring together an innovative digital print solution for packaging professionals,” said Mitsuo Takatsu, Mutoh Europe’s Managing Director.

The ValueJet 628MP engine is based on Mutoh’s existing ValueJet 628 eco solvent printer chassis. To cover the specific requirements of packaging designers and to adapt the printer chassis to the unique characteristics of the CGS ORIS XG INKS, the printer works with an innovative mild temperature, low pressure hot air knife system which, in combination with the integrated contact heaters, allows the CGS ORIS XG INKS to dry on uncoated substrates without exposing them to excessive heat.

Additionally, the media transport system has been optimized to allow loading of a wide variety of substrates including very thin PE shrink film and the pressure rollers transporting the substrate can be individually disabled.

To handle the white CGS ORIS XG INKS, Mutoh integrated an internal ink circulation system. Besides that, the ValueJet 628MP printer is also equipped with a 10 kg roll take-up system and has a sheet off mechanism to sheet off individual prints.

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