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CGS ORIS partners software company iQIP

CGS ORIS announced it has formed a strategic partnership with software company, iQIP GmbH & Co. KG.

With the partnership, iQIP will integrate the product portfolio of CGS ORIS in its consulting and sales activities. For both software companies, the focus is on optimising and increasing the efficiency of processes and results for print service providers and their customers.

"The extensive portfolio of CGS ORIS fits seamlessly into the 'smart quality hub' concept of iQIP. Through this cooperation, we can provide our customers a complete package of tools from data optimization, brand colour communication, all the way to quality control. We are convinced that our current and future customers will massively benefit from this partnership because we consider CGS ORIS' software to be one of the highest quality colour management tools in the market. The team behind is innovative, responsive and reliable. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to this cooperation," said iQIP’s CEO Stefan Spengler.

"In addition to the match between our solutions in terms of content, this partnership also demonstrates very well how beneficial it is to be able to combine software from different manufacturers in an uncomplicated manner - in other words, to actually provide open systems with which users get the maximum out," added Bernd Rückert, CEO of CGS ORIS.

"Recently, we have often spoken to customers using software that can only be combined with products from the same manufacturer. However, many users were not aware of this at the time of purchase and want to decide independently and put together individually what suits them best and their specific requirements. But to do that, the systems have to be open and able to communicate with each other," said Rückert.

Due to the advancing digitalisation, an easy and fast integrability of software tools into existing infrastructures has become more and more important.

Today, the colour experts at CGS ORIS are also increasingly acting as "colour consultants", advising on the optimisation and automation of workflows and putting together holistic solutions for managing and optimising colour in all aspects of the printing process.

Previously known as impakt-medien, iQIP is a Munich-based company known for its Print Quality Cloud solution. As a central hub for communication and quality management, the company combines printer and print buyers in the cloud. With its intelligent evaluation algorithm, iQIP provides a reliable quality metric that serves as a central variable for all stakeholders.

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