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China company makes record breaking RMGT sheetfed press order

RMGT (formerly Ryobi) has secured its largest order for printing presses from Yintong Corporation in China. The order of 56 sheet fed presses comprise of 338 printing units.

RMGT stated that this is “its largest ever order for printing presses, and one of the most extensive orders placed with any supplier”.

The presses ordered consists of primarily RMGT 920 series of sheet fed presses, including one 8-colour perfector, twenty four 920 9-colour presses and ten RMGT 920 4-colour presses.

In addition there are ten RMGT 970 4-colour presses, ten RMGT 970 5-colour presses, and one larger format RMGT 970 8-colour perfector with LED-UV. The RMGT 970 model was launched in mid-2020.

Yintong is a web to print company. With the purchase, Yintong hopes to move closer to its goal of being the number one online printer in China. The presses will be delivered and installed over the next three years at a number of sites across China.

The purchase was signed at China Print 2021 with RMGT’s distributor in the country, Dinga. In order to keep to timelines and ensure other customers are not neglected, RMGT has recruited additional staff.


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