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Dutch company breaks printing record with Landa press

Based in Groningen, The Netherlands, Reclameland set a new printing record with the Landa S10P press. In one month, Reclameland printed over 600,000 sheets of paper to work out to no fewer than 1.3 million flats (sides of paper). For comparison, an average month sees about 400,000 printed sheets printed on the press.

During the 31 days of March, the Landa press completed 3500 jobs (with several orders per job) for the online printer, which had been collected on the print sheets. These orders were printed on more than 17 different types of paper, three quarters of which were coated paper types.

The Landa press operated at a high speed of 6500 sheets per hour, making it possible for Reclameland to successfully handle the peak volumes encountered in March, caused in part by the many orders for printed election materials.

Reclameland installed the Landa S10P in September 2020.

“We were the first in the Netherlands with a Landa, and there were only two comparable machines in all of Europe at the time,” said CEO Wouter Haan. “In its first month of operation, the machine printed around 3250 sheets per hour, but as the machine regularly updates itself, the printing speed also continually increases.”

“Over the last few weeks, we increased our use of the Landa S10P in stages. Our goal was to print one million sheet sides in one month, but the machine easily surpassed all our expectations. During the second week of March, we experienced a bit of downtime, so we expect to be able to set a new record in the near future. The Landa is not only superfast, the print quality is also very high. All in all, it’s great news for our clients,” Haan continued.

The S10P helps the company print at lower cost and more sustainably. The operating speed is supposedly at least twice that of an Indigo press. In addition, it can print on both sides of the sheet in full colour on a 50% bigger format.

Using nanotechnology instead of printing plates, the Landa press ink is not applied directly on the paper, resulting in ‘superb print quality with razor-sharp images’.

Another advantage mentioned by Haan is that, in comparison to a traditional offset press, the innovative new technology uses 50% less ink. In addition, a traditional press uses approximately 50 extra sheets of paper to arrive at the desired colour settings and another 50 sheets to clean the rubber rollers for the next printing job.

“This waste of paper does not take place with the Landa press,” said Haan.

Finally, the Landa’s unique technology makes it possible to completely deink printed matter, making it much easier to recycle.

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